Easy Pump Control

Variable Speed Control Made Easy!

The Easy Pump Control is manufactured with the highest quality, industry proven components. This is your assurance that the control will provide superior performance and reliability with Easy startup and operation. We stand behind each controller with a 12 month warranty extendable to 18 months, at no charge, with a returned warranty registration.

– User friendly Easy setup
– Quality components
Provides constant pressure at all flow rates
– Soft start and stop
– Maximum energy savings at reduced flows
– Eliminates water hammer and mechnical stresses on the pump and piping
– Extends pump and motor life
– No need for pressure regulating or control valves
– High/Low pressure safeties
– Manufactured in Canada, CSA approved

The Easy Pump Control can be used on any style of water pump. By using a unique control method called Intel-Logics the unit will automatically evaluate the connected pump’s performance curve.

Whether you have a submersible well pump, close coupled end suction or a booster pump, the Easy Pump Control will give you reliable and dependable service. Stock models available up to 20HP in 230, 460 & 575 volt. Larger models available upon request.

Panel interior and Home screen display as seen on Touch Screen HMI.

Panel interior and Home screen display as seen on Touch Screen HMI.



The Easy touch carries all the features of the original Easy but adds a colour touch HMI programmed to work with the upgraded PLC giving you the user more control over the station. Detailed instructions upon fault conditions and easy text reminders on startup and operation. The system carries an event log of every action you or the station makes for ease of troubleshooting and trending of normal operation specific to your application. As well as advanced user setup that allows the user to control the pump response and reaction to pressure changes in the system.


Easy Pump Control models

230 volt, single phase input 230 volt, three phase input
Model HP Amps Model        HP Amps
S2015-7 2 7.8 2022-11 3 11
S2022-11 3 11 2037-17 5 17.5
S2055-16 5 16.5 2055-27 7.5 27.5
S2075-21 7.5 21.5 2075-33 10 33
S2110-35 10 35 2110-54 15 54
S2150-41 10 41 2150-66 20 66


460 volt, three phase input
575 volt, three phase input
Model       HP Amps Model HP Amps
4015-7 2 4.1 6015-3 2 3
4022-5 3 5.5 6022-4 3 4
4037-9 5  9.5 6037-6 5 6
4055-14 7.5 14.3 6055-9 7.5 9
4075-17 10 17 6075-12 10 12
4110-27 15 27.5 6110-17 15 17
4150-33 20 33 6150-22 20 22


Voltage supply: Single Phase 200-240 vac, 3 Phase 200-230 vac, 3 Phase 380-500 vac, 3 Phase 575vac
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Tolerance: Voltage; +10% -15%, Frequency +/- 5%
Control System: Sine Wave PWM system and Intel-Logics micro PC.
Overload Rating: 150% FLA for 60 seconds
Reference: Auto: pressure sensor, 0-10vdc; Hand: face mounted speed pot.
Carrier Hz: Preset at 2kHz.
Accel/Decel: Automatically adjusted for pumping demands
Retry Operation: Preset to 3 retry attempts for non-critical faults
Protection: Overpressure, underpressure, stall protection, current limit, output short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, ground fault, output single phase, overload protection by electronic thermal setting, overheat and optional external fault circuit.
Power Failure: Auto reset after power failure.
Keypad: Seven segment, four digit LED display.
Installation: Indoor, 3300 foot altitude (before derate), protect from corrosive & explosive gases
Ambient: Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C, 32 to 104 degrees F, Humidity: 95% max. non-condensating.
Pressure setting: Range: 40 – 100 PSI, user adjustable.
Dimensions: Enclosure: 24x20x10 inches, 610x508x254 mm.
Approval: Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as industrial motor control assemblies.

– Standard pressure setting range is adjustable from 40-100 PSI, custom ranges available at no extra charge when specified at time of order.
– Easy Controller model sizing selection must be based on pump motor full load amps, not horse power ratings.
– Load reactors may be required where long cable lengths exist from the controller to the pump motor.
[230V > 1,200 ft. / 365M]     [460V > 400ft. / 122M]     [575V > 120ft. / 37M] contact us for reactor sizing where required.

Installation and Operation manuals for Easy Pump Controllers available for download on Download Page.